Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ignite The Memory

Maximum tiredness was the main solid reason I let my alarm clock stay screaming. I can't seem to open my eyes. My hands were too heavy. To my consternation, the phone gave a sudden rang. 'Ah! Who would it be?' , that thought was circling around my head. As soon as I pressed the 'answer' button wearily,

"Izzat! Aku dekat depan rumah kau ni! Kau dah siap ke belum?".

Omo! How can I forgot I promised Ain to accompany her to school. Well,they will know their results today. 'Urgh! Mati aku!' the inner voice said ; together with an inward gulp.

"Erm.. Kau pergilah dulu. Nanti aku datang."

"Hah? Dah tu,takkan aku nak jalan sorang-sorang. Mak aku dah drop by aku depan rumah kau ni."

"Aku baru bangunlah. Hehe.. Kau tunggu kejap"

So, I got up and opened the door for her. A short conversation then I should run a bath. A few minutes later,we walked to school. As we reached to school, some of the faces of my ex-classmates and friends. It's kind of hard to tell how I felt to meet them. The memories of Andalas overwhelmed me. Too indescribable. Say I'm possessive? I don't mind.

Ain and I were sitting by the drain side in front of bookshop. Favourite spot of ours. Haha. My eyes captured an image of a boy. It was Faez Ammirul. One of my gossipmates. I mean male gossipers-they are rare species,aren't they?

(purple highlight is for him ; me blue highlight)

"Weyh,budak sombong!"
"Huh? Eh,kau! Lama tak jumpa. Lawa rambut "

*Reddish brown hair. No surprise.
"Jangan lah perli aku. Kau tak habis-habis perli aku. Hari tu aku dah kena dengan Romai ,Nabel"
*big laugh "Haha! Yeke?"
"Ye ar. So kau macam mana sekarang?"
"Aku okay lah. Biasa je. Macam ni je lah."
"Aku hilang teman gosip weyh kau tak ada."
"Haha! Betul ke? Aku pun sama. Kat sana tak jumpa lelaki yang suka bergosip macam kau ni. Kau je lelaki yang suka bergosip-gosip ni."
"Tu lah pasal. Adoi.. Okay lah weyh. Aku gerak dulu lah. Aku balik dengan jiran aku ni"
"Okay. Jaga diri elok-elok. Jaga mulut kau sekali!"
"Yelah. Jangan risau. Kau pun sama."

While waited for Romai and Nabel to settle their prefect's task both Ain and I picked 'pondok' near the bookshop to spend some of leisure quality seconds. I saw Pn.Kamariah passed by the school's office on the upstairs. She is one of my 'Pantun' teacher as well as 'pantun' trainer for us besides Pn.Sarimah. A greeting should be appropriate I suppose- at least I won't be labelled as cocky.
(blue highlight for me ; green highlight for Cikgu)

"Waalaikumussalam. Eh,kamu! Lama tak nampak. Rindu sekolah ni ke?"
she replied.
*me grinning endlessly ; along with a small laughter
"Rindu sekolah lah tu,siap pakai T-shirt sekolah lagi"
*Click! Gotcha! You are caught red-handed,Izzatul Nazihah!
"Macam mana sekolah baru? Seronok?"
"Boleh tahanlah. Seronok jugak cikgu. Hehe.." *continue grinning.
"Oh.. Awak jadi wakil pantun sekolah tak?"
"Erm.. Belum lagi lah cikgu."
"Hah, nanti tahun depan bolehlah awak wakil pantun sekolah awak. Bertanding sampai peringkat negeri macam kat sini ye? Mana tahu dapat wakil negeri Perak" said her with a broad smile.

Greetings again and a few steps then she disappeared from my view. Oh,if only she knew the 'pantun' skills has started to fade away from me. Haha!

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