Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Piece Of Manners

Yesterday,I followed Mum to Tesco to buy some groceries. I am "anak mithali",remember? Hee.. As we were walking around to find the things that we need,Mum stopped at the pastry(betul ke ni?) section. She was looking for the coffee bun. No wonder. Well, she's been craving for it for the past few days. Choosing a bun is like picking a jewel for Mum(I'm gonna die!). Mum saw one of the salesgirl; and intend to ask her about the price since the price tag was nowhere to be found.

And what suprising me is that the salesgirl was like asking for my flying kick. Mum asked her politely and she replied her with the most irritating way! How rude! Oh,I can't stand this! She yelled at mother and I was thinking "What's wrong with this mad woman?". So, I get near to the salesgirl and showed her the bun that Mum hold just now and threw it to her face. I grabbed Mum's hand and asked her to leave the section. Sounds too angel right? I know. I am supposed to punch the no-manners-morons salesgirl.

*I wonder, did she ever know the existance of the word "manners"?

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