Friday, December 11, 2009

My Immortal

Searching the best way to get rid of this boredness disease, I went out to JJ Bukit Tinggi yesterday with my sweethearts. Main objective ; to held some discussion regarding life. Haha! Around 2 pm,I reached there and straightly headed to KFC. Bell couldn't joined us since she had to go back. It was just me, Aien and Naddy. We are the gossip girls,so what? All kinds of topics have been brought up. From schools to personal life. The guffaw from us could be heard by others(I think!) at the restaurant. Especially when I heard their stories after I left the school.

After one shop to another,our last stop was Popular bookstore. Then,it was time to say goodbye. As I walked alone, I bumped into someone. Suddenly, I heard someone screamed out my name. Ouh, it was Oe. Long time didn't see each other. Surprisingly,she told me that she didn't even know that I had move to another school. The best part was, she only discovered about it during the Eid when she asked Ojie to invite me to her openhouse. Maybe I forgot to inform her about it. Sorry Oe! Somehow,I do really miss those moments in Andalas.
It was great to meet them.

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