Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rapt Malaise

30 Disember 2009

My body could sense the malaise these past few days. My head is pounding in a rythmic pain. I don't know why. I sleep at 4 a.m everyday for the whole holiday. Working my hardest to settle all the works before I headed back to school.

Yesterday,I planned to go to the library to study together with the sabdarians or precisely,Kamar and Zouk. But unfortunately,I couldn't joined them since I had some transportation problem. Maybe luck wasn't on my side.

Nothing much I've done today. According to the plan,I was supposed to go to the school with Ojie. I forgot to set the alarm clock. Typical me. Sorry girls! As I woke up,I continued to pack my things. Only 30% finished. Will be back to hostel this Sunday. Bagan Datoh,here I come! Haha..

Ouh.. New Year is coming as well as Mum's birthday. I should plan something I suppose.
Till then.

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