Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Call Me.

I just barely got myself new shawls. Pure satisfaction! Haha.. Ok. That's not what I want to talk about.

These days, I've been thinking and put my mind to the highest level of my thinking skill when I recall those nicknames given by people around me. Yeah, I have one simple name just like stated in the identity card.

Izzatul Nazihah binti Yahya.

Yet,as I grow up, I realized something that make me wonder. And now, I should proudly claimed that I have many nicknames man! I just love it! Haha..

Izzatul, Nazihah,(of course!)
Iz,Izza, Izzat, Ijat, Atul, Tul,
Naz, Nazi, Ziha, Jiha.


Okay. Other than Jiha and Adik, that are those names people have been calling me ; not including family. Depends on where I go.

When I was in primary school, they called me Izzat since they said I've been acting rough and behave like boys. Ganaslah sangat! Setakat ganas budak kecik! =D .So,they thought Izzat make a perfect match for my character. And up until today, they still call me using that name. That was how Izzat came up. Even sometimes there are questions like "Kenapa panggil kau guna nama lelaki?". Well, I love the name. Haha..

Berbeza dengan nama Tul, itu gelaran yang aku dapat masa belajar dekat asrama. Ni kira nama hostel akulah. Kalau kat asrama, memang seorang dua je yang panggil aku Izzat. Itupun Farah yang mulakan sebab dia dah kenal aku daripada sekolah rendah. At first, it was seriously damn freak-weird to hear people know you for the name you never ever think of. But as time goes by, I get myself practically used to the name and somehow it makes the special differences between the hostel's friends and childhood friends. Thanks to the inventor of the name ; Ali Zainal Abidin.

Family, obviously they call me Adik. I'm the youngest anyway. But sometimes Kakak would choose to call me Jee Hoon. Even in the public. Oh,please. Jee Hoon? I dont know where on earth did she get the idea.

And for relatives,all of them prefer to choose Jiha since I was a kid. It's kind of giving me a feminine look , but hey! It's just a name.

Feel free to choose,friends! =D
(cewah cewah,bajet artis je!)

p/s : "Aku menulis bukan kerna nama.."..lalalla~
*Bukan Kerana Nama by Ramli Sarip.
Still remember? Hee~

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