Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sense Of Accomplishment

*in the "Calling All Angels" by Train mode

Dizzy. My head is pounding in a flawless pain. Too bad, the nerves can't seem to tune in. Crashed into a door is not pleasurable,I suppose. Silly small accident. Uh,what a world. I gazed at the door,vowing silently to myself, this is going to be another lesson of the day. Though I know it won't work. Ngaa~ This is something like cracking your skull with the license. Seeing the world circling for every blink,uh. Leading an agony pain. Lowering the voice,just about murmuring, I'm moaning while rubbing this head gently. You know,who else would in charge for that?

Looking around the four white wall surrounded me, I guess I'm dying. Hang in there,Nazihah. There must be something that can hold you back. Get your eyes work,human! Scanning..scanning..scanning... Gotcha! That's it. Lappy might be the solution. Yeah,not the wise one. But,just take a sip of consideration. Or..or..or at least you owned the technology.

So,clicking here and there. Mouse works efficiently. I took a glimpse of my old-left-out folder. All the contents were all back years ago. Pictures,songs, and even the poems which I created years ago. I mean,during those school days. Occupied by those files, I can't hold myself from having some small laughs. Oh,and I even still keep the poem which was inspired by the guy who I attracted to when I was in Form 1. In fact,until now I'm still looking for him. Where are you,Shahid bin Othman? Hidup lagi ke tak? Hahahaha *big laugh together.

The still air coated the skin. I'm off duty. Unlock the cage of boredom. I'm free to get into anything. Up until today, the only consistent work I could ever do without hesitate is improving my English. Collecting all the interesting phrases, evaluate every new vocabulary, going through each pages of masterpiece. Upgrading the knowledge and all of them are for free. Well,at least it does sounds highly-vision,doesn't it? Rather than taking part in aimless life. Ahhaahaha..

Just came back from Jusco Bukit Tinggi,nothing more or less I did. Wander around, grab some food , do some shopping which is compulsory. Its a girl thing,you know. It was time to pray Maghrib. Heading to surau. Its full,man! Not trying to be so ignorant about religion or whatever. I know I know. Well,at least people still do their obligation. My sight caught the image, seem too familiar. Eh,Kak Asmira! She was my senior when I was in Form 1 and we were very closed until she moved to MRSM Kepala Batas. The distance put on the barrier. A smile is more than enough to symbolizes the excitement,perhaps. I mean the broad one.

Discovered a lot of blogs which are creatively sketch. Some of them ; Hanis Zalikha, Fynn Jamal , Sue Anna Joe. Gained something from their territory. No,its not "some". Its many of them. Yeah. Blogging is my passionate I should say since those school year. And not even until this moment breathe in, I am not even sure of the best or most inspiring way to write. I mean, the skills of blogging. The skill to inspired people for at least not to puke after a visit to your blog. Or,at least to avoid for a once-in-a-lifetime- visit to your blog. Blogwalking can be much of beneficial rather than a waste of time. A field to build the character of writing. You know, this is my exercise essay book other than those homeworks given. Aha.. Well, I am doing some effort to enhance the quality,okay? Oh,come on. I don't want to be so pathetic. Could you please not let me to?

p/s : A reading revealed that "GOOD LUCK IN YOUR EXAM" , "GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR EXAM" and "GOODLUCK TO YOUR EXAM" are all crap and totally definitely wrong. We are supposed to say "GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAM" or "GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR EXAM". I know I know. Its some of common mistakes we used to say or do. Even I was one of them. For my very last word, just a lovely reminder or advise. Practise makes perfect,everyone!

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