Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Serious Talk.

We really had some serious talk this evening. While everyone was enjoying the tea,Ayah came up with the unexpected or or or....should I say a reasonable topic to be talked about at the table. It's about marriage. Ngaa~ Began with a based-on-true-story case, both Kakak and I need to lend our ears to Dad's advise. You know,some kind of guidelines when you are about to get married. Well,I know it was supposed to be for Kakak,but since I was there too. You can't expect me to shut my hearing,can you? Its many of them. Yeah,a lot that I think I might have forgotten some.

So,this is what I've got. First,find your own money. Build your own career. Hold tightly to your own economy and must not depend solely to your husband's money. You know,its preparation for worst. I mean,who knows. Second, make a perfect planned for the family. Such things as house,cars. Thirdly,the occupation. A stable job is a must to ensure the plan are all on the track. Fourth, love cannot be trade in with rice. Which means, who says money doesn't bring happiness. Conclusion, do not be blinded by love. And and not to mention. Ayah said "Bila dah kahwin nanti,kalau suami kau suruh kau berhenti kerja, siaplah dia!".

I was like being stunned. And finally all of us burst out laughed over that. I can't imagine how mine should be. Yeah,most probably in 8 years from now. Eh,that Saiful Azhar I did mention before,remember? Ahaha. Forget it. =D

"My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot"

Can you?


  1. haha rilek lu tol
    baru 17 going on 18
    but like i said,kalau kau nak bangun tido pagipagi tengok aku kat sebelah,anytime yeh ;D

  2. ahahaha..aku rilek je..ayah aku la over plak..
    hahaha.. i did mention kan,8 years from now..
    haha..pergh..planned bhai! haha
    oh,kau kat sebelah? okay okay. pastu,aku nak kau buat breakfast plak bleh? hahahahaa


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