Monday, January 17, 2011

The Road Not Taken

Currently,I'm busy looking into these UPU forms and tried to fill in the courses in which I prefer to. So, I do think this is going to be some kind of breathe-catchers and requires me to think about it thoroughly so really need some advices from the elders. It's for future sake. Well,the closing date will be on April. So,I supposed I should have more than enough time to choose. THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS,MAN!

By the way, billion and a bunch of thanks to Shah Faris Kamarulzaman for his guide. Owed him A LOT. So,this is what he said,just to let us get the real picture.

He says ;

"oh and keep in mind for phase 2.
this is where the 1st 4 choices are carefully looked into.

i mean kalau nak further in fields yang you guys betul2 nak. e.g- 'asasi sains hayat UM' choose and save it there.
the second 4 uh macam course lelong ah. sometimes the critical course has been filled up and they'll serap you guys into other courses available.
best if you guys just repeat the 1st 4 choices into the 2nd four choices----and pray. A LOT!

note: jangan tampal course yang you guys tak minat. merana beb wa cakap sama luu~ elok2 kat sekolah belajar sains tulen. g tempel nak buat diploma ekonomi. merana gak if you dont have any basics."

To Shah Faris Kamarulzaman ;
Good luck in your studies,young lawyer to be! May UKM brings you to the life that you wish. Let's pray for the best. =D

Thanks again. Just to remind you guys. Dont forget for this phase 2 UPU. It's seriously damn important. No joke. Because there are some of our friends out there having their regrets for letting the phase 1 slipped out of their mind.


  1. awww! thank you :)
    back during my days, there's no one i could refer to. now, that i'd passed 'UPUcelaka' phase, sharing is a must XD

    i wish you all the best okay :)


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