Friday, January 28, 2011

12 going on 18

-The members of the reunion-
27.01.2011 / McDonald

As I peered through the open door, I feel a massive jolt of shock to see a bunch of girls were sitting and conquering most of the table. But yet, the nerves started working and began to show the sense of excitement. I presented the most broad smile ever. Yeah, there were all my primary school's friends. And obviously yesterday was a blast since I bet most of us have been waiting for such a reunion to be held.

Undeniable the big part of us have changed during these times. Some of them getting taller. I mean like seriously tall. Some just are "WE DID NOT UNDERGO CHANGES" group. And the best part is I am also a part of the group. Being among the not-so-tall girls. Ahha. Its kind of giving me a bit of young look. Ahahaha..

An open table was just a compulsory while get acquainted with those childhood memories. It giggled me much until I just can't seem to stop laughing. It just seems mean if you do not laugh. And they brought up the incident where I cooked fried rice at Nisa's crib when we were in Standard 3 back then. It was my first time cooking for them. Too bad,the first time dish did not turned out to be a mouth-watering but totally memorable since I accidentally put extra salt. Thus definitely,it was salty and they keep bugging me with the taste of the fried rice since that. "Haha..Izzat masak nasi goreng masin!"

Okay,it wasn't salty actually. Just uneven stirred well. Because the truth is I've got the unsalty one. So,let's just keep this as a secret,can you? Hehehe... And continuously digging up one after another. And we reached the story when it was the season of people brought diaries to school. And they drowned me when they talked about the content of those. When mine was also a member of the "diaries victims" and swear to God I remember nothing at all. Not even a piece of letter about what I ever wrote. High salutation for Maisarah Termizi,she remembered almost every inch of every incidents which make us couldn't slipped ourselves from getting caught red-handed.

They were talking about "arm wrestling" thingy and suddenly I heard them recall the incidents that took place. And I interrupted saying " Eh,aku pun pernah lawan tangan dengan arwah Nizam masa darjah 5. Tapi dia kalah sebab Adib tolong aku. Hehehe..". And there was a slight gloomy deep inside each of us when the word "arwah" being brought up. Still remember when I was in the Standard 3 and I got into fight with the late Nizam and I threw a chair to him. It was seriously a big fight and now,it's just my mind need to trigger the memory of those.

Up until today, I just can't believe my eyes neither my ears about the fact that one of my close friends during primary has gone and not even have the chance to sit for SPM. He passed away on 2009 when it was the Deepavali public holiday. As soon as I arrived at my house when I came back from hostel, I received the news and absolutely I was in the state of shock. Too bad I didn't have the chance to meet him just before he left us. He was involved in an accident. According to them,his motorcycle becomes uncontrolled when he ride on a slippery road. I wasn't sure about the real situation since it was that one that had been told to me. Though we didn't meet at all after UPSR and I missed the chance to chat with you for the very last time. But still I want to say this. I miss to hang out with you. May your soul rest in peace,bro.


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