Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Mess I Made

Well there's silence now, there's nothing more to gain

And it isn't right if I can't run away

Because it kills the mood when there's nothing left to say

And all I can do is sit and let the air speak for you

And I'm not too tired,

I'm not too tired to know what you're doing

And I'm not too tired to see

I'm not too tired to know what you're doing with me

I should have held my ground

I could have been redeemed

For every second chance

That changed its mind on me

I should have spoken up

I should have proudly claimed

That my head is to blame

For all my heart's mistakes

How I wish I could step backward to erase those mistakes.

How I wish everything could turn to be as it used to be.

How I wish to hear your voice again.

How I wish to take off the barriers.

May miracles come appear.

I miss you, dear . =(

p/s : Just ignore it if you dont get what I mean.

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